VisAI is a streamlined Universal AI Creation Framework that provides tools and systems to empower developers, a foundation for creating AI, feature filled examples, and more.

The Behaviour Foundation allows you to create truly expansive and complex AI without over-complication or limitations. The AI Toolkit provides you access to advanced, yet easy-to-use systems, tools, and features. The Developer & Community provide active support, helpful feedback, and more.

With VisAI, you’ll have the tools and support you need to create your next AI with ease.

The Behaviour Foundation is a unique AI design theory created by Ryan Hobbs that weighs the benefits of GOAP, Utility AI, and Behaviour Tree. It works by combining a Behaviour/Goal/Plan behaviour structure with decisions that are dynamically assigned a score based on conditions.

The structure allows you to take full control over how your AI plans (or decides) what to do. You can easily define priorities, dependencies, plan ahead and make other advanced considerations without convoluting your AI logic.

With VisAI, creating any AI type is as easy as creating Behaviour, Decision, and Action.

Behaviour defines AI structure.
Decision plans AI action
Action tells the AI how to complete its plan.

No mess, less confusion. Modern AI

Example image here of AI behaviour and how it works. create a scenario in which an AI would need to make an advanced decision

The AI Toolkit provides a variety of tools, systems, and features for AI development. These are designed to give you easy access to powerful functionality and provide a faster AI workflow. You’ll find all the functionality of the AI Toolkit below.


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