Modifying The Framework

Page Goals:

- Explain how to safely modify the framework's systems
- Explain how to extend the framework's systems (Class based, create child, override. Controller based, override functions in Controller)
- Explain core dependencies of VisAI, what's absolutely required in order to run

VisAI was built with modification as a core focus. All systems are designed to be modular, and easy to change.

To modify a feature, simply find the event or function that has the logic you want to modify.

If you're modifying a system, such as health and damage, make sure to create a child of the class and use that.

When you've done this, override the event or function in your blueprint.

If you want to Extend behaviour, make sure to add a "Call to Parent Function/Event". If you're modifying, look to the parent event and consider if you'll use the logic.

That's it!

As long as you modify files within a child class or within your subsystem, they'll be safe when you update.

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