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Brief explanation of Behaviour System and it's advantages
How to create Behaviour

VisAI uses a unique behaviour structure called The Behaviour Foundation. You'll design your AI with Behaviours, Goals, Plans, and Actions. B/G/P is the structure of your AI, Actions tell the AI what to do in specific situations.


A Behaviour is a set of Goals. This determines the AI's overall behaviour, hence the name. When designing Behaviour, think of what the AI does.


A Goal is a set of Plans. A goal is the driving force of the AI. When designing Goals, think of what the AI would want.


A Plan is a set of Actions. Plans are how the AI *plans* to complete a specific goal, hence the name. When thinking of plans, think of how the AI could get what it wants.


An Action is the specific logic that tells the AI what to do. It comes in the form of modular Behaviour Tree Tasks. When thinking of actions, think of the steps an AI would take to complete it's plan.

Example: B/G/P/A

As you can see, this structure allows you to create virtually any type of AI you can imagine. It's also incredibly performance efficient when optimized.

The B/G/P structure lives inside of your AI's Behaviour Tree. To start, let's take a look at the B/G/P design chart.

B/G/P Design Chart

This chart outlines the general B/G/P structure of an AI. You can create your own, detailed Behaviour Charts by using a program such as SimpleMind.

Now that you've seen an overview of what a B/G/P structure looks like, let's take a look at a working B/G/P structure in the behaviour tree.

Example: B/G/P Behaviour Tree Structure

As you can see, this AI has the following B/G/P structure outlined:
Behaviour: Team Deathmatch"
Goal: "Search for Enemy"
Plans: "Investigate Sound" and "Look for Lost Enemy".

Continue Designing

Now that you've got an understanding of how designing behaviour works, you can start designing your AI!

You can create your own, detailed AI Behaviour Charts by using a program such as SimpleMind. Using tools such as these, you'll be able to accurately plan your AI before even starting. You'll want to do this as the decision system is dependent on your B/G/P structure.

Start Creating

After you've planned your AI's structure, you can start creating it in Unreal Engine!

Check out the Creating Behaviour page to get started.

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