Creating AI

Page Goals:

- Explain how to use VisAI tool, and simple explanation of what it does
- Provide a link to the "Designing AI" page.
- Overview how to create AI behaviour, provide links and keep it simple. Use visuals
- Explain features available to them for creation, give examples of how to use them.


- need to add link to "Designing AI" in using the behaviour foundation.

Before we begin creating the AI logic, make sure you've gone through the Designing AI page. It goes over the design of the AI, as well as more information the concepts we'll be using.

As an overview:

Behaviour is the structure for your AI, what the AI is and does.

Decisions define when the AI does what.

Actions tell the AI what to do when a decision has been made.

blah here

- Create Enumeration References in EnumFiles
- Reference correct enumerations in BT decorators & build structure
- done

- Create decisions for each B/G/P
- Add decisions to "Retrieve B/G/P Decisions" function in child AI controller

- Create Actions
- Add them in BT

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