A Universal AI Creation Framework

Framework Overview

VisAI is a streamlined Universal AI Creation Framework with a focus on re-usability, extendibility, multiplayer compatibility, and easy integration with any project regardless of plugins used. You'll get a wide array of features designed to make AI creation faster, more efficient, and accessible to developers of any experience.

The Behaviour Foundation

VisAI uses a new design theory created by Ryan Hobbs that takes influence from popular design theories such as GOAP and Utility Scoring. This theory is called "The Behaviour Foundation"

The Behaviour Foundation is split into 3 core pieces. Behaviour, Decision, and Action

Behaviour is the structure of your AI. It contains all possibilities for the AI, and allows you to create expansive, advanced AI with ease. You'll design your AI's Behaviour with sets of "Behaviours", "Goals", and "Plans".

How do they come together to give a streamlined AI experience?

AI Toolkit

Short explanation of AI Toolkit here


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